Vision & Mission

And Future Plans

Our Vision

To develop & operate coal mine with sustainable growth and build a reputation as a dependable partner in effective coal supply.
Our future plans include:

  • To ramp-up the production to 5 Million Metric Tonnes per year by 2014.
  • Build up new BLC with State of art facility to raise the loading facility further by 250,000 MT per year.
  • Setting up in-house research laboratory as per the guidelines from SRK to control, stabilize and manage the quality of different Pits.
  • Improvise on existing loading facility by adding auto mobile loader.
  • Develop additional stockpile to store the coal for long term buyer and for other miners.
  • Adding additional capacity at campsite to accommodate 200 more staff.
  • Developing all-weather roads for coal hauling to reduce down time during rains.
  • All equipped workshop for maintenance of machinery and equipment of the company and our sub-contractors.

Future Plan

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